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Advancing Community wellness in the Coachella Valley


In 2018, prompted by a growing requirement for California’s special districts, municipalities and other government agencies to improve diverse representation, the Desert Healthcare District took on a zoning process that included multiple public hearings and map presentations. A five-zone map was approved that summer, moving the District from at-large to zone-based Board member elections. Following voters’ approval in November 2018 to expand the District east of Cook Street, a rezoning process got underway to create seven zones covering the entire Coachella Valley. Each zone will have a Director on the Board.

Below are maps created and presented by National Demographic Corporation starting in April. The consensus among Board Directors and community residents who attended the September 24 public hearing was to proceed with the Agave and Cholla maps, with revisions. The original and revised maps, Agave 2 and Cholla 2, will be displayed at the Oct. 22 public hearing. For a more interactive experience, view all maps here.

NDC Agave Map 

NDC Agave 2 Map

NDC Cholla Map 

NDC Cholla 2 Map


NDC Yucca Map

NDC Mesquite Map

NDC Zone Descriptions 


In late June 2018, the Board completed the zoning process to create five zones.

Orange 2 Map (Adopted June 26, 2018)

Orange 2 Demographics