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Advancing Community wellness in the Coachella Valley


Valley Voice: Get your flu shot and help prevent a 'twindemic' in the desert

African-American female doctor gives a young white male a flu shot in his arm.
Getting a flu vaccine is even more important this year because of the threat of COVID-19. Either respiratory virus can strain our health care system, but together our medical offices and hospitals could be overwhelmed.
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Journalist Marcos Palma talks with Alejandro Espinoza, senior program officer and director of outreach for the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation, about the District's initiative to connect Coachella Valley residents to health and wellness resources. You can also check it out yourself at
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New 5-minute rapid coronavirus testing coming to Coachella Valley

The District is buying 12 to 18 Abbott ID NOW machines, which can produce diagnostic results almost immediately, eliminating the need for swab tests to be sent to out for processing.
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District seeks bids for medical plaza landscaping and fire alarm work

Qualified and interested bidders have until 2 p.m. October 6, 2020, to submit their bids to complete work involving landscaping and connecting a firm alarm at Las Palmas Medical Plaza, a Palm Springs property owned by the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation. Read the details here.
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Healthcare District Board Director Mark Matthews retires after 23 years

Mark Matthews contributed to many of the District and Foundation's major accomplishments in recent years, including the expansion of District boundaries east of Cook Street in 2018 to encompass the entire Coachella Valley, redrawing the District into seven zones, and the recent $2.6 million response to COVID-19.
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Board approves historic resolution to distribute funds valley-wide

View of mountain, sky and the tops of palm trees in Palm Desert, CA. Stock Photo
The resolution frees the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation Board to financially support healthcare needs regardless of where residents live in the Coachella Valley, including uninsured and underinsured residents.

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