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Advancing Community wellness in the Coachella Valley

How to Apply

  • New applicant
    • Begin with creating an account on the DHCD grant management software.
    • Please note that all organizations applying for a grant are required to have audited financials. For assistance with audited financials, please email
  • Returning applicant
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  • The grant application process begins by completing a Letter of Interest
    • Click here to see the specific information required for the LOI
  • The Letter of Interest will need to be accompanied by:
    • 501(c)3 determination letter
    • Program budget using the DHCD budget template
    • Current audited financials
  • The grants management staff will review the Letter of Interest and financial forms
    • All prospective grantees undergo a legal, financial, and programmatic review to ensure eligibility and financial health
    • If pre-qualified, the District staff will contact the applicant for a proposal conference and/or site visit.
    • Access to the full online grant application will be granted after all pre-qualifications by the applicant are met. (Step 3)
  • The applicant will receive an invitation to complete the full grant application via a link on its grantee portal.
  • The applicant completes the full grant application, which includes the following sections: Click here to see the specific information under each section.
  • The grant program staff will evaluate and score each application and its supporting documents utilizing the DHCD grant scoring rubric and provide their recommendation to the Program Committee.
  • A Program Committee (PC), comprised of three Board members meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month to review staff recommendations and vote to recommend one of the following:
    1. Send the grant application to the Board for approval
    2. Make edits (staff approved) then send grant application to the Board for approval
    3. Resubmittal with modifications
    4. Decline the grant application
  • The applicant will be notified and invited to the Program Committee when their grant application is reviewed.
  • The DHCD Board of Directors (meet 4th Tuesday of the month) will review the Program Committee’s recommendations, and will vote on one of the following PC recommendations:
    1. Approve the grant application
    2. Approve the grant application with minor modifications and/or edits
    3. Resubmittal of the grant application with major modifications and/or edits
    4. Decline the grant application
  • The applicant will be notified and invited to the Board of Directors meeting when their grant application is reviewed.
  • Once a grant is approved, the DHCD grant program staff will work with the funded organizationto finalize logistical items such as contracts, deliverables, payment schedules, and reporting.
  • Grant reports are outlined in the contract and typically include a narrative progress report, a project expenditure report, and back-up documentation/receipts, that are due at specific intervals during the grant period.
  • Access your Grant Application Account to complete required grant reports
    • Download and save this Grant Budget Report spreadsheet.
    • It must be completed and attached to each progress and final report.