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Advancing Community wellness in the Coachella Valley

Grant Guidelines

Your Grant Application

Information gathered in these following sections will be added to the previous information gathered in the Letter of Interest.

Please provide the program/project goals and the evaluation plan for each goal.

  • Goals: SMART goals - specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic, and time-bound. (300-word limit)
  • Evaluation: Detailed plan of action for evaluation that monitors and tracks the progress of each goal (200-word limit)
  • Proposed Program / Project Evaluation Plan: Please describe a specific detailed plan of action for evaluation, that includes both qualitative and quantitative assessment of the program/project that is well‐defined with data reporting mechanisms and narratives that are clear and transparent. (300-word limit)
  • Organizational Capacity: Describe the staff resource allocation to the project/program and capacity for this kind of work. (200-word limit)
  • Organizational Sustainability: Describe how the proposed program/project is identified within your organizational strategic and business plans (200-word limit)
  • Key Partners/Collaboration: Please provide a detailed list of community partners and their roles directly supporting the program/project. (300-word limit)