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Advancing Community wellness in the Coachella Valley

Comprehensive bilingual webpage guides residents to Covid-19 programs and services

Everything you need to know about COVID-19 prevention and testing, as well as where you can go for assistance with groceries, utilities and finances, can be found on the new Coachella Valley COVID-19 Resource Center web page.


The page, which debuted on April 15, serves as a one-stop source of information on services and programs related to the coronavirus. All information is provided in English and Spanish to be of maximum help for the nearly half-million people served by the District. The content is also being translated into Purépecha, the language of indigenous people originally from the Mexican state of Michoacan who make up a large part of the farm-working community in the eastern Coachella Valley.


You will find links to connect with financial assistance and emergency cash relief, information on rapid COVID-19 testing, how to donate personal protective equipment to local clinics and hospitals, videos on proper hygiene practices, and much more.


“The District recognizes that individuals and families are struggling with overwhelming health and economic challenges and confusion due to the coronavirus pandemic,” said Dr. Conrado Bárzaga, CEO. “We are the place where residents can go to find facts, stay healthy and combat COVID-19.”


Find out more about the Coachella Valley COVID-19 Resource Center here

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