Strategic Plan


To achieve optimal health at all stages of life for all District residents.


Connecting Coachella Valley residents to health and wellness services and programs through resources and philanthropy, health facilities, information and community education, and public policy.

PRIORITY #1: New Providers, Facilities, Programs, and Services

Provide new providers, facilities, programs and service initiatives that enhance delivery system capacity and promote stable, high-quality health services that respond to community needs.

PRIORITY #2: One Coachella Valley

Strengthen community health outcomes by implementing a District expansion that enhances and broadens community funding, considers the health needs of all residents, and effectively engages residents in the entire Coachella Valley.

PRIORITY #3: Community Health and Wellness

Demonstrably improve community health in the Coachella Valley leveraging District/Foundation investments and activities.

Our Community Health Focus Areas

To enhance our impact on community health, the Desert Healthcare District/Desert Healthcare Foundation has, in addition, identified four  Community Health Focus Areas, which will serve as the focus for new initiatives, funding and other investments over the next three years.  Each Strategic Plan Priority will incorporate these focus areas.

  • Homelessness -  participate in community efforts and support programs and services to address homelessness in the Coachella Valley.
  • Primary Care and Behavioral Health Access  -  support programs, services and workforce development efforts that increase access to primary care and behavioral health services for Coachella Valley residents.
  • Healthy Eating, Active Living - promote efforts that address diabetes, obesity, and other chronic conditions, nutrition, healthy lifestyles, food insecurity and healthy communities.
  • Quality, Safety, Accountability and Transparency - advance the provision of high-quality health services and programs with clear accountability in District-owned facilities and in the delivery of District - sponsored services and programs.

Approved at the June 27, 2017 Board of Directors meeting.

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