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Advancing Community wellness in the Coachella Valley


Desert Healthcare District Grant Program –

The Desert Healthcare District has adopted a grant program to invest in nonprofits and public agencies whose activities and programs improve the health and well-being of District residents. 


Mini grants allow the Desert Healthcare District community to access support for small health initiatives that possibly do not have the capacity for a large program or project. The mini grant application is processed by the administration of the District. Consideration is contingent upon the availability of funds, community health priorities, and the ability of the applicant to effectively administer the project. The mini grant provides up to $5,000 per one request in a fiscal year (Letter of Interest). The request must align with the District’s strategic goals and objectives. Mini grants will be approved administratively by the Chief Executive Officer.


The District awards grants only to organizations exempt from federal taxation under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code or equivalent exemption, such as a public agency, program or institution. Except for mini grant recipients, organizations must have current audited financial statements.


Organizations must directly serve residents of the Desert Healthcare District. Agencies physically located outside District boundaries may be eligible for funds upon demonstration that the residents of the District will be proportionately served.

Grants are available to organizations whose activities improve residents’ health within one or more focus areas of the District’s strategic plan. Through investment of its grant dollars, the District supports programs, organizations and community collaborations with potential for achieving measurable results. Consideration is given to projects or organizations that:

  • Have proven records of success 
  • Have potential to impact the greatest numbers of District residents 
  • Can demonstrate the greatest potential to positively change health-related behaviors 
  • Are based on research and/or best practices that demonstrate effectiveness 
  • Have data available to measure progress, outcomes and relevance 

Funding Restrictions 

The District does NOT support the following: 

  • Individuals
  • Endowment Campaigns
  • Retirement of debt 
  • Annual campaigns, fundraising events or expenses related to fundraising 
  • Programs that proselytize or promote any particular religion or sect, or deny services to potential beneficiaries based upon religious beliefs 
  • Expenses related to lobbying public officials 
  • Political campaigns or other partisan political activities 
  • Unfunded government mandates 
  • Replacement funds to allow funding to be shifted to other programs or budget areas prior to grant approval 
  • Capital Projects (on hold until further notice)


GRANT SCORING: All potential grants will be scored based on this grant application scoring criteria.


Submission of Letter of Interest with 501(c)3 determination letter and current audited financial statements.

STEP 1: Letter of Interest form

Each grant applicant will complete a Letter of Interest. If pre-qualified, District staff will contact the applicant for a proposal conference/possible site visit.

STEP 2: Full Grant Application and Budget Submission

Access to the online grant application will be granted if all pre-qualifications are met.)

STEP 3: Full Grant Application and Budget Review

  • Internal Staff Review 
  • Program Committee 

STEP 4: Review /Vote

  • Board of Directors