Coachella Valley Health Portal


Establish a collective fund to develop and manage a dynamic and comprehensive Coachella Valley Health Portal. The portal will be the vehicle that will implement the robust and visible media campaigns of three Clinton Health Matters Initiative- Coachella Valley Blueprint Bold Steps which address healthy eating and food quality; physical activity; and sexual health.

Clinton Health Matters Initiative- Coachella Valley Blueprint Bold Steps

District Funds committed to date:

Desert Healthcare Foundation ($300,000 over 3 years)

Additional Collective Fund support to date:

Mayor Steve Pougnet, Palm Springs – Mayor’s Health and Wellness Festival ($300,000 over 3 years)


At the DHCD Board meeting in November 2013, the Board voted to support the development of a community health portal through its partnership with Mayor Pougnet. This is a three-year funding commitment. The collective fund currently has $600,000 restricted to the development and implementation of a community health portal.

Staff is assembling a technical team to help develop the scope of the project. A detailed proposal will then be developed that will include the technical, operational, and financial requirements as well as the management structure that will be responsible for content.

A Request for Proposals will be issued.

Staff will review all proposals and submit a recommendation for the vendor contract to the Board for review and discussion and consideration for approval.



Additional Information:

Donna Craig, Senior Program Officer at

What’s New

Board of Directors Solidifies Funding Commitment for One Coachella Valley

COACHELLA VALLEY – Feb. 28, 2018 – The Desert Healthcare District’s Board of Directors yesterday approved a resolution for $6 million in expansion funding, which is $300,000 annually for 20 years of unrestricted funds, as part of the Riverside County Local Formation Commission (LAFCO) expansion application. This represents a self-funded revenue source that would support programs and services to the residents of Eastern Coachella Valley upon successful voter approval of the expansion initiative in November of this year.